Be Ready to MARS

                                    “First step is the most crucial step
                                            First Foot Step on Moon
                                                                      Image credit-NASA
The first step toward space has been taken with the landing on the moon. Now we just need to move one step further to reach the Mars.
In every Sci-Fi movies when alien, who are more intelligent than us attacks on earth we defeat them each time with the technologies that we have. So, the question can come in your mind what are those key factors which help us to defeat them? The answer is so simple human emotion and courage help us to do so. 
In real life there were thousands of other outcomes of Apollo 11 mission other than landing on moons and come home safely even Apollo 11 held remarkable success. Three decade after of Apollo 11, Kalpana Chawla, an Indian born NASA’s astronaut and his crew member burn out during landing on earth even we have better technology and experience than Apollo 11. A great Question again come after better technology, better facilities what factors which affect those things so hardly and deeply.
One very famous example that we all witness of about ISRO’s Mangalyaan who send rocket on mars in its first attempt and create history. India’s ISRO was the first space agency to send successfully rocket on Mars in its very first attempt with very very tight budget. None of developed country did it before with first attempt.  Cost of Mangalyaan was only 450 crore while NASA did it with 6000 crore.
                                                                      Image Credit- SpaceX
Rocket industry was country thing before SpaceX come in this industry. SpaceX founder Elon Musk had no experience and technology to start a space agency. So, he starts from zero with some bunch of mind and after many failure he finally did it successfully. He started everything from scratch. The first Reusable rocket was launched by SpaceX around 2013. SpaceX was first to get success in reusable rocket even it is just a company unlike country’s space agencies. Reusable Rocket reduce the cost of space exploration dramatically. Now.  SpaceX have 98.37% of success rate. “Wow! This is incredible” this is the reaction of most people. Again same question occur.
There are plenty of such real life example which push boundaries of human limitation. 
Now, one thing we can surely say that technology is not the only factor to spread the realm of human ability. There are thousands of other factors which affect as well. So, we cannot blame that we do not have enough technology. We can certainly not wait until we can’t develop enough technology so that space exploration become easy. If we do so than a century or more time require and everyone know we do not have this amount of time. We have to start it from now. So we can survive in future.
That’s why we all need to contribute toward multi-planetary future, where human species will live on their desire planet. They can choose independently. We all should be optimistic for space exploration. A species of earth now ready to conquer the cosmos. It’s our time.
------------------------------------------------------Be Ready----------------------------------------------------------

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