Why we should leave Earth?

'Why should leave Earth?' is not a question of future. It is question of now. If you wait for ask this question in future there will not be any we.
This question is substitute of small questions.
One is “what are the biggest threat on earth?”. The other is “what makes us human being?”
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                         The biggest threat of now
Nuclear Development
Everyone knew the cruel incident of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now the nuclear bomb that countries have are far more powerful than those of Nagasaki and Hiroshima nuclear bomb. Only few nuclear bomb is enough to root off humanity in moments of time. Some countries around the world have very tough relationship with neighbor, but everyone knew a country never want to use its nuclear bomb till last option remain but what about terrorist group. With the passing of time science technology become affordable and easy so that anyone can afford even a terrorist group then what option remain to us.
In scenario of world politics we all knew that some developed country help some terrorist group supply weapon and money, just for established their dominance. Then, what kind of security about we talk every time to save humanity.
Limited Resources
Humans not only use resource but exploit them. In future we have remain lesser number of trees, plant and animals which are essential for long term survival. Almost everybody now affected by decline of ground-water.
Global Warming
Sea level increasing day by day and land percentage decreasing rapidly. Instability in season affect crops and environmental function.
Pollution in developing country is devouring human openly. 
When population increase demand automatically increase and situation start becoming worse.   
Invasive species and Disease
Covid-19 is enough to compel us to think about the question "why should we leave Earth?"
There are thousands of other reason which constantly tell us "why should we leave Earth?"

Now question to yourself?

Future Ahead

Human Venture

Millions of years ago Homo-Sapiens were live on trees and now they are living in multi-story buildings with much more comfort and security. Millions of years ago when our ancestor were on trees they decided venture around the world that's why today we are all spread around on the earth, Definitely a lot of hurdles had come in their way in voyage but they succeed. Our past is full of venture, human always want to spread their realm. Now our turn for a space voyage. Our ancestor spread all over on earth and now time to spread around space.
There are thousands of reasons but one reason of human venture enough to go beyond earth and spread all around in deep space. It’s our time. Space is waiting for us. Be ready. 

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